Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello Possums
Went to the Doctors yesterday and took the nervous Grace with me to have her HEP A needle before she heads off to China in April. Was doing really great until Grace went back out to the waiting room and the Dr asked how i was. My god the tears just kept coming.... the Dr kept throwing tissues at me and i just kept crying. Talk about feeling like a complete moron. I would have howled my eyes out even longer if the Dr hadn't made me do breathing exercises to calm down so she could take my blood pressure...

Well the long and short of it is................ I am now on anti-depressants which should help me out a fair bit, but i really need to sort my shit out. Well first things first hey? I have to get use to these tablets (they can make you a little bit ill til your body adjusts to them), then i am going to start looking after me.

I will keep you posted on how i go...


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