Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where is the Silver Lining......

Hello Possums

Well guys i just don't know where to start so i am going to just blurt it all out and see where it takes me. After every single one of my babies i have suffered from postnatal depression. Not a thing i really like to admit to but hey shit happens right.....

For some strange reason of late i have been just beyond myself. Crying at a drop of a hat, yelling at the kids for the smallest of things, getting no enjoyment out of things i normally love and well just loosing it. I understand that it isn't postnatal depression as my baby is now 6yrs old but i just can not shake this feeling of dread. I admit that i have really looked down on people who self harm or commit suicide etc but at the moment i am starting to think that i might actually know where these guys are coming from. Don't stress guys i am not about to throw myself off the front porch or jump in front of a train or anything like that, but if i had to live with this feeling all the time i can understand how overbearing it can be.

I am taking action though... i have made an appointment at the DR's and hopefully i can get my shit sorted out. I am walking in there and demanding horse tranquilizer sized anti depressants plus i am going to start look after myself a lot more.

Anyway guys wish me luck... I just wanted to share this with you all so that if the time ever comes where you feel like this you will know you are not alone and that we can get help and move on with our lives..


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kchambo said...

Oh Marn, I had no idea...........sort it out and don't put it off. You are far to valuable to not do this for yourself. Call me and I will tell you some stuff I have learned cause at this point you probably feel very alone. Love you long time...xxx