Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello Possum

"You are never too old to learn" is the old saying and guess what?..... It is actually right. "Gee whiz woman! What has taken you so long to work this out? " I can hear you all saying. OK so I am a little bit slow when it comes to stuff like this. Anyway back to the point of this post... I have been searching blogs for a couple of days now looking at how others create their cards. Well low and behold I had a friend suggest a great blog that has little tutorials to go along with the cards and oh my god I can not get off the blog. I am glued to the laptop watching kwernerdesigns and to tell you the truth I am still listening to her give instructions while I am typing this.

I hope I have shared something that can brighten your day and spark your creativity like mine has been.


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MissK said...

I suppose I would be that friend Miss Marnie?? Might I add...I LOVE all the sites you showed pockets will soon be empty! :)