Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello Possum

Of late I have been thinking of what to do for christmas presents for friends and low and behold i have found the perfect thing for my crafty mates. It is quick, inexpensive and really cute. "Well what is it?" I hear you asking me. It is a card sketch book for those of us who like to doodle and make our own sketches of even to jot down quick sketches of cards that take our eye. It is small enough to be stashed in your bag so that you are never caught out when inspiration hits. If you would like to have a peek then look no further then here. See I told you it was cute lol.

Jumped up this morning and remembered that Anthony had a birthday party to go to after school and of course I didn't have a suitable card. Haven't made many grunge teenage boy cards in my time (i find them difficult for some reason). Anyway I whipped one up that i was really impressed with and of course I didn't scan it or take a photo. It is all good though folks as i have heaps of patterned paper left and have made another to show you all.


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