Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello Possum

My new motto in life is "A CARD A DAY KEEPS MY INSANITY AT BAY". lol. Wouldn't it be lovely to have the time to make a card a day. Maybe that is a challenge I could set for myself. To make a card a day for a week first then maybe a month then 3 months etc and so forth. How challenging would that be.

Ok that is what i am going to do starting today i am going to make a card a day and share with you for this week. Fingers crossed i can pull it off now i have openned my big mouth lol. You are all more than welcomed to join me in this quest for craziness if you feel up to it lol.

So my first card is one that i actually did whip up this morning while the creating bug was biting and before the kids woke and caused utter mayhem. The stamps are from HIGH HOPES and are just gorgeous. I brought them from Stampin' Stuff. Might try to use the high hope stamps on all the cards i make this week as a bit of a show case to these wonderful stamps. Anyway back to the card. It is MAD COW and she just oozes how i feel sometimes. Love love love this stamp. (If you know me well enough you would know i love cows and have 2 of my own ). I hope you enjoy.


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