Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello Possums,

Sitting on the lounge after finally cleaning up my craft room and I had the brain wave of actually logging into my own blog! Is everyone on high ground as I am sure the heavens are going to open up and it is going to flood.

SO much has happened since my last post. I do not even know where to begin.

Life has been busy as usual with scouts. Grace is currently undertaking her Green Chord hike and all of its many components. I could not be prouder of her as she plods her way through the paperwork and planning. Anthony has just achieved his red chord and his chest is puffed right out with pride god love him. He thoroughly loves his scouting and is having the time of his life at Oxley. Ashley is now a Joey at Hillvue with me and there are moments where he loves it and I enjoy that time with him then there are other moments where i just could choke him. Thomas is yet to get involved in the mayhem. He is too young until October so for now he is happy plodding around playing tennis (well trying to play tennis). We have given him the nickname of Lleyton.

I am still travelling along as Joey Leader and I love the kids and the fun we have. I am blessed to have a wonderful lady named Christina working with me. We have the best time laughing and giggling and acting silly with the kids.

Ray started a new job this year at Grain Products Australia. It has been a huge change as he was with his last employer for 24 years. There was definitely some separation anxiety when the time came. The hours are not as long and the on call is only every 5 weeks which is such a nice change.

Mum is still at Bourke and loving it. She rings me daily so it still feels like she is in town. Holidays are definitely interesting when she comes and stays with us as you can well imagine. The husband vs the mother is not always the pleasant of experiences.

Well i am going to love you and leave you. Can not spoil you all with too much information straight off.


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