Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello Possum

Moving to a lap top has it's advantages such as being able to use the internet while moving around the house (such as in bed on a cold morning). However I have come across the problem that all my favourite blogs are saved on my old PC.

I am on the hunt for some cool and interesting cardmaking blogs to look at. If you have any that inspire you to create and try different things let me know. There are so many when you google cardmaking or stamping blogs that my head spins.

I have been eyeing of COPICS for a long time now. Haven't taken that big step and purchased any yet as they are so pricey and I was worried about not getting the full use out of them. I am once again toying with the idea. I have seen some of the most beautiful cards coloured with these markers and the blending is second to none. Might have to go on the Chrissy list.

I so need to win lotto. My want list has grown and grown and there is no way on earth that i am getting an art studio anytime soon lol. The Kindle is now out at Big W and I am desperately saving to get myself one of those. These are amazing e readers that have a screen that looks just like a book.

Anyway all this pipe dreaming is not getting any cards made. Have a wonderful day.


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kchambo said...

since when have you started blogging again? So lovely to have you back, and you might have inspired me to get going on mine again. I mainly did it for Mum's benefit, and I lost all interest when she passed. I have been thinking of firing it up again. I think a year is long enough to not be interested in something, don't you?
Anyhoo, great to see you back, and I will look forward to your little blog posts once again. Miss ya, mwahhh