Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello Possum

As promised here is my card from yesterday. So sorry it is late but due to circumstances beyond my control (gravity) it is lucky to even be up here now.

I stayed true to the challenge and used High Hopes stamps. This cow makes me smile everytime I stamp her. So wouldn't mind swinging my ring and doing a bit of a jig every now and then.

The papers are from Inque Boutique "Isn't It Romantic" range. I love love love this little book of 6x6 papers. They are all so cute and pretty.



Hello Possum

I have learnt some fascinating facts last night. After spending hours at the UNE for tournament of the minds (more like torture of my mind), I got home with the intention of having a shower, cooking tea and scanning my card for the day. It seems though that the universe had more in plan for me...

Well what is the saying about plans best made going astray...... I went to jump into the shower and low and behold slipped on liquid soap that my kids had tipped everywhere and landed against our little ledge with tiles missing off it and hurt my stuffed up back. Oh it was so not a pretty site. I have bruised all up the inside of my left leg (including up near the groin), bruised the outside of my right leg, pulled a muscle in my right arm, twisted my right ankle as my heel got stuck in the plug hole and bruised and cut my bottom/back. We wont talk about how the shower curtain came off.

Today I am hurting like you wouldn't believe. There definately was no jumping out of bed. In fact it wasn't even much of a roll out of bed. I had trouble just rolling over to get out of bed. I can see some pain killers coming on here soon...

My DH decided this morning to have a shower. I called after him to be careful as he got in as i would hate for him to fall too. All i got back was "ok who is pulling all the little tiles of the ledge in there" my response " sorry love i will just roll over and you can get your pliers and dislodge them from my arse, they seemed to have lodged in there when i fell against them last night". Truly i didnt count how many i knocked off last night as our light in our ensuite doesn't work and i was in too much pain to give a shit. However by his response this morning i get the feeling it was quite a few. All is good though the shower will pull through.

So there ends my little drama. I will scan the card from yesterday and make a card for today as soon as I can get to my scanner and bend over to turn it on lol.


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello Possum

My new motto in life is "A CARD A DAY KEEPS MY INSANITY AT BAY". lol. Wouldn't it be lovely to have the time to make a card a day. Maybe that is a challenge I could set for myself. To make a card a day for a week first then maybe a month then 3 months etc and so forth. How challenging would that be.

Ok that is what i am going to do starting today i am going to make a card a day and share with you for this week. Fingers crossed i can pull it off now i have openned my big mouth lol. You are all more than welcomed to join me in this quest for craziness if you feel up to it lol.

So my first card is one that i actually did whip up this morning while the creating bug was biting and before the kids woke and caused utter mayhem. The stamps are from HIGH HOPES and are just gorgeous. I brought them from Stampin' Stuff. Might try to use the high hope stamps on all the cards i make this week as a bit of a show case to these wonderful stamps. Anyway back to the card. It is MAD COW and she just oozes how i feel sometimes. Love love love this stamp. (If you know me well enough you would know i love cows and have 2 of my own ). I hope you enjoy.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello Possum

Of late I have been thinking of what to do for christmas presents for friends and low and behold i have found the perfect thing for my crafty mates. It is quick, inexpensive and really cute. "Well what is it?" I hear you asking me. It is a card sketch book for those of us who like to doodle and make our own sketches of even to jot down quick sketches of cards that take our eye. It is small enough to be stashed in your bag so that you are never caught out when inspiration hits. If you would like to have a peek then look no further then here. See I told you it was cute lol.

Jumped up this morning and remembered that Anthony had a birthday party to go to after school and of course I didn't have a suitable card. Haven't made many grunge teenage boy cards in my time (i find them difficult for some reason). Anyway I whipped one up that i was really impressed with and of course I didn't scan it or take a photo. It is all good though folks as i have heaps of patterned paper left and have made another to show you all.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello Possum

Well I have had an amazing day today. Early this morning Ashley, Thomas and I (the boys are off school sick) went to Bunnings to grab some items for a garden out the front of the scout hall. I had been told to talk to a lady there about getting someone to come along and help us construct the raised bed (they supposedly do that for school groups etc). So I found this angel called Lorraine. She was just so friendly and helpful and has not only arranged for someone to come along and help make the garden but they are supplying the wooden sleepers and the dirt to fill it. OMG how wonderful is that. All I have to do is take some photos so they can use it as a fathers day project. You could have knocked me over with a feather i was so impressed. So if you need anything handy man like go to bunnings and support these guys. They are the best.

On another subject. I also called into the local scrapbooking shop here called Angels R Scrappin and got the most funkiest paper for boys. If you go here you will see it in all it's glory. I just can not wait to get in and make some cards for my boys.

It must be shopping weather or something as I also went to Scrapbook megastore and got some amazing bargains. 12 copics and a carry case for $65 so i am in heaven not to mention the kindy glitz, blender pen, and these awesome new tape cutters that fit the double sided tape that we all buy. This little tool will make life so much easier and it is only $2.50. WHAT A BARGAIN.

So now that my wallet is empty I am off to create.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello Possum

"You are never too old to learn" is the old saying and guess what?..... It is actually right. "Gee whiz woman! What has taken you so long to work this out? " I can hear you all saying. OK so I am a little bit slow when it comes to stuff like this. Anyway back to the point of this post... I have been searching blogs for a couple of days now looking at how others create their cards. Well low and behold I had a friend suggest a great blog that has little tutorials to go along with the cards and oh my god I can not get off the blog. I am glued to the laptop watching kwernerdesigns and to tell you the truth I am still listening to her give instructions while I am typing this.

I hope I have shared something that can brighten your day and spark your creativity like mine has been.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello Possum

Moving to a lap top has it's advantages such as being able to use the internet while moving around the house (such as in bed on a cold morning). However I have come across the problem that all my favourite blogs are saved on my old PC.

I am on the hunt for some cool and interesting cardmaking blogs to look at. If you have any that inspire you to create and try different things let me know. There are so many when you google cardmaking or stamping blogs that my head spins.

I have been eyeing of COPICS for a long time now. Haven't taken that big step and purchased any yet as they are so pricey and I was worried about not getting the full use out of them. I am once again toying with the idea. I have seen some of the most beautiful cards coloured with these markers and the blending is second to none. Might have to go on the Chrissy list.

I so need to win lotto. My want list has grown and grown and there is no way on earth that i am getting an art studio anytime soon lol. The Kindle is now out at Big W and I am desperately saving to get myself one of those. These are amazing e readers that have a screen that looks just like a book.

Anyway all this pipe dreaming is not getting any cards made. Have a wonderful day.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello Possum

What is the go with my MOJO????? I thought after months of creating absolutely nothing it would come flying back to me 10 fold. Well I thought wrong didn't I! My MOJO is A NO SHOW.

I have had the perfect day of hubby working and kids cleaning rooms to sit and create. I sat at my table with all the enthusiasm in the world and BANG BOOM FART COUGH SPLATTER nothing, zip, zero. All my materials are sitting there looking at me and I just can't put paper to card. I have looked on blogs, watched tutorials on you tube and I have even looked over old magazine but nothing comes to me....... my head is spinning I am running out of precious time and I WANT TO CREATE. OMG can it get any worse.

If you find my MOJO can you send it express post to
C/- Marnie Didlick
Noflaming Idea Street
Inspirationless 0000


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello Possums,

Sitting on the lounge after finally cleaning up my craft room and I had the brain wave of actually logging into my own blog! Is everyone on high ground as I am sure the heavens are going to open up and it is going to flood.

SO much has happened since my last post. I do not even know where to begin.

Life has been busy as usual with scouts. Grace is currently undertaking her Green Chord hike and all of its many components. I could not be prouder of her as she plods her way through the paperwork and planning. Anthony has just achieved his red chord and his chest is puffed right out with pride god love him. He thoroughly loves his scouting and is having the time of his life at Oxley. Ashley is now a Joey at Hillvue with me and there are moments where he loves it and I enjoy that time with him then there are other moments where i just could choke him. Thomas is yet to get involved in the mayhem. He is too young until October so for now he is happy plodding around playing tennis (well trying to play tennis). We have given him the nickname of Lleyton.

I am still travelling along as Joey Leader and I love the kids and the fun we have. I am blessed to have a wonderful lady named Christina working with me. We have the best time laughing and giggling and acting silly with the kids.

Ray started a new job this year at Grain Products Australia. It has been a huge change as he was with his last employer for 24 years. There was definitely some separation anxiety when the time came. The hours are not as long and the on call is only every 5 weeks which is such a nice change.

Mum is still at Bourke and loving it. She rings me daily so it still feels like she is in town. Holidays are definitely interesting when she comes and stays with us as you can well imagine. The husband vs the mother is not always the pleasant of experiences.

Well i am going to love you and leave you. Can not spoil you all with too much information straight off.