Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello Possums
Just of late i have been inspired by some wonderful photography i have seen on peoples blogs and i have had a little play with different things. The thing i have noticed most though is it isnt just the quality of the photo you take (there is always photoshop) but what the photo is of that pulls at your different emotions. I am now trying really hard to think outside the square and take pictures i normally wouldnt do. I am also thinking abit more about the angle at which i take the photo too. I love love love (can you feel the love) photos of roads leading off, or peoples footsteps in the sand. There is just something about them that puts me in the best mood and stirs me up inside. (ok i admit a nice looking man in an uniform also stirs me up inside lol). So with my trusty camera (which i so now want to update to a digital slr which i will have to do a course to understand) i headed off into my paddock to take a shot of a fence. yep thats right a fence. I know it isnt the prettiest of things in the world but for some reason i just had a hankering for a fence picture(couldnt find a man in uniform at quick notice). Now i want you to be honest with me and tell me what your favourite types of pictures are and please try to keep it PG rated lol. oh and here is my fence picture for you to have a looksy at.



kchambo said...

If I could add a suggestion. Light is also important. Morning sun and late afternoon are my most favourite times. The light is so much softer than the harsh mid day sun, and the shadow cast is so much better. My fave though, it OVERCAST days. No nasty shadows and diffused light......magic. Good luck with it Marn. It's a wonderful hobby, and the one great pic you take wipes out the million shitty ones!!! LOL
Look forward to seeing some more.
K xx

Megan said...

As always Marn, your blogs make me laugh, I to have some fence shots I'm proud of, and like Kel my best shots have been in overcast and morning/afternoon light, Luv ya darl. M

kchambo said...

Pet. Time for you to blog again I think..............K xx