Monday, August 30, 2010

World's Greatest Mum NOT!

Hello Possums
I have decided that going for the title of worlds greatest mother is just well to god darn hard to go for anymore. I have come to this conclusion after well a weekend of running around after everyone else and i am buggered. I am now aiming for the title of The ALMOST AVERAGE MOTHER plaque instead. That i can do and do well. I can sew (well sort of), cook (well when i am in the mood), clean house (when i can no longer see the floor), remember every thing that the kids need (and not forget all my stuff, yeah highly unlikely), drive the family everywhere (if i could be bothered getting of the lounge), and lastly cough up money like a fountain (not any more sweetie). see i have it in the bag.

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kchambo said...

You a fabulous Mum and we are SO underpaid. Ok, so we aren't paid at all! I wonder why I do stuff sometimes for everyone else. But then I look at my Mum and what she has done for me and I kinda get it. I cling to the hope that my kids will keep me in a top rate place when I'm old and stupid, remembering what I did for them.