Friday, August 13, 2010

oh so cold

Hello possums
It is freezing here today. My toes are like mini ice blocks and my fingers are blue. So glad we have the reverse cycle air con. I also have the 3 boys home today. Thomas is normally home with me but i have Ashley and Anthony home sick with the flu. Ashley seems to get over it and then wham it hits him all over again. Poor little bugger. I have made him do some reading on raz-kids and he is not happy with me. lol.
On the bright side i am going to do some card making today. I am nearly finished all the teachers gifts for the boys to give out and only have the principal to go. Kellie gave me a link to a fantastic womans blog called Jenny Macquire and omg i am in love with how she makes cards. So simple but look so beautiful. I am going to make the note cards she has on her blog here. They are so cute and simple to knock up. I just need to find an apple stamp to pop on it. I am sure i will find one somewhere in my stash of stamps.
Thought i would give you a looksy at my finished cards and boxes.
this is a mini 3x3 card with matching envelope.
and this is the mini pizza box top.
I was wondering too does anyone give gifts to high school teachers. Grace has so many teachers in high school i have no idea if i should give gifts or not. Any advice would be wonderful.


kchambo said...

Beautiful work as always. I am SO not doing the rounds for the high school teachers. I don't think they expect it, and anyway, a primary school teacher has those kids all day every day and REALLY deserves a gift at the end of the year. Just sayin'.....

Megan said...

Marn there is no other scrapper in this world like you, wonderful work, luv ya girlfriend. Megan

Marcy said...

So good to see you sharing your scrappy goodness on here you card are FAB! Sorry about the boys what a bugger both at the same time! So dont you dare set a precident of giving stuff to all the high school teachers! LOL