Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello Possums
well arent you a lucky crew not only do you get a long winded post out of me today but you also get this quick cute one as well.

i would like to introduce to you our newest member of our family Pebbles the shoe chewing, burr catching, hyperactive, piddling pup.

a friend of mine bought her and then the realestate agents she is renting through told her she had to get rid of her pets so Pebbles has come to live with us. arent i a lucky one. I must admit though that i have fallen head over heels for this little bundle of fluff. She is so cute and funny and well she just blends in with us and our ways beautifully. so here she is PEBBLES.

i would like to thank the pioneer woman for her simple terms on apperture and shutter speed for these pictures as it was only after reading her blog that i finally worked out how to play with my camera. i know they arent perfect but compared to my earlier shots they are brilliant lol.


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