Saturday, August 28, 2010

if it doesnt rain it pours

Hello possums
It has been the weird couple of weeks here at the Didlick residents. First off i was on my way to get the kids from school and my auto transmission shit itself. next week in my old apollo i was on my way home from scouts and cooked the engine. now ray is clever but even he can not fix two cars that quickly plus work days and night shift. on top of all this there has been cubs, scouts, joeys and schools to deal with. now the icing on the cake was the selling of my nans deceased estate that we had to help clean out and get stuff into a storage shed for my mother. to say we are buggered and the house is in a mess is an understatement. being a one car family again has been a big wakeup call for us all. i never realised how much i relied on my cars. thank god grace catches the bus to school in the mornings or that would be another trip in to town.

so here is the plan stan (i have always loved that saying lol) we are having tomorrow off from doing everything for everyone else and spending the day at home to 1. fix the cars and 2. clean up my house. fingers crossed this plan is going to work. wish me luck guys

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