Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello possums

ok i have to admit it i am a bit of a dame edna fan! i am sure i am not the only one though, but am i the only one who dressed up as her for a fun day at high school. yep i taped stars to my glasses, wore big white high heeled shoes and a tight blue and white dress. i even got called up on the stage as one of the finalists. so in honour of dame edna here is a little clip i found.
alrighty enough about me me me. this post is actually about Ashley the new Joeys scout. He is so proud of himself. He gets invested in a couple of weeks and i am just so proud of him. Ashley now does his homework, makes his bed and pretty much does as he is told, all because he wants to go to joeys and if he misbehaves he doesnt go. i thought i would take this chance to brag and show you all a really cute picture of him in his uniform. you might notice too the 3 missing teeth in the front. not really camera shy is he?


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kchambo said...

OMG! I went to a party in high school dressed as Dame Edna!!! Woooo, no dags here.......... Congrats to Ashley. Too, too cute. You make good lookin kids, honey.