Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello possums
As the heading says i have up something up FOR SALE. Now i am not sure it will be everyones taste. It has a tendancy to work well for others, be somewhat tempermental (sorry about spelling mistakes), not that old but not new either, can be used hard or soft, technically challenging at times, not house trained but toilet trained, has a strong mind set, very opinionated and big mouthed when sometimes it is wiser not to be. Yep it is my husband. Does anyone want him. I am ready to rip his head off and shit down his throat. I never asked for his fashion advice and i hate to think what he would have said if i had actually asked lol. Price is negotiable and i dont care if he goes to a good home.


Bronnie T said...

Hi Darl
Hang in there. No don't hang him. I gave Gaz the altermatum the other day - We will not be going on holidays until the garage is cleaned out and all the crap for his birds is in it. It wen't down like a led balloon but I am sticking to my guns this time. Time will tell for both of us.
Love Bronnie

Danielle Sheehan said...

Oh marnie, that made my day!
I sure hope you get a good price.

kchambo said...

Bron. Are you STILL cleaning out that garage!!! Hun, a match would be so much easier!!! (just get all your stuff out first) LOL