Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog hopping and some Blog candy

Hello Possum
Am i the only insane one or do you all enjoy a good blog hop? I love them when i can get a chance to sit down and look through all the blogs. I have come across a wonderful blog hop which starts right here. I have saved many of these blogs to my favourites now and i have the longest line of blogs to look at for inspiration now that i have no excuse not to create. we at least look like i am creating.
I came across some blog candy up for offer too. so if you are interested look here. This place is amazing you so wont be sorry for taking 5 min and having a squiz. i hope you enjoy yourselves.

1 comment:

kchambo said...

Did you not go scrapping this year at Keepit? Marn, there's therapy for this and you CAN do it without ME. Don't let the guilt of not finding me a pilot destroy your life!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!

You suck, mwahhhhh xxx