Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello Possums
well arent you a lucky crew not only do you get a long winded post out of me today but you also get this quick cute one as well.

i would like to introduce to you our newest member of our family Pebbles the shoe chewing, burr catching, hyperactive, piddling pup.

a friend of mine bought her and then the realestate agents she is renting through told her she had to get rid of her pets so Pebbles has come to live with us. arent i a lucky one. I must admit though that i have fallen head over heels for this little bundle of fluff. She is so cute and funny and well she just blends in with us and our ways beautifully. so here she is PEBBLES.

i would like to thank the pioneer woman for her simple terms on apperture and shutter speed for these pictures as it was only after reading her blog that i finally worked out how to play with my camera. i know they arent perfect but compared to my earlier shots they are brilliant lol.



Hello Possums

now todays post has a moral to it. Yep that is right i am going to give a lesson on learning from your mistakes as it seems my blonde dumb witted husband has no concept of this.

The story goes.
It is a lovely sunday morning and marnie runs into town at 7am to drop her talented daughter off for a school activity. Marnie then runs home and makes the beds, makes breakfast, cleans the kitchen, tidies the lounge room, does a load of washing, hangs out one that was done the night before and then vaccuums the house. All this is done while ray (after a big day at work the day before ) chills infront of some machine forum. After marnie finishes her jobs ray asks her if there is anything she would like to do today and she answers quite simply that she would love to go to the markets and buy a small statue type thing (she will know it is the right one when she sees it). Ray agrees this is a good plan and that he just wants to pop into the tip (buy back centre, rays second home). Marnie runs off and has a shower and spruces herself up for a lovely day with the boys. Marnie runs out all excited and ready to go and gets hit with (are you ready for this) YOU CANT GO OUT DRESSED LIKE THAT YOU KNOW YOU DONT HAVE THE BODY SHAPE TO PULL OF LEGGINGS. (can you tell i am pissed). Marnie comes back with well my friends think it looks great and i am comfortable so yep i am going out like this. (now you would think he would quickly shut up but no he comes back with WELL YOUR FRIENDS HAVE LIED. MAYBE THEY ARE JUST TELLING YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. *(ok now if you put a blood pressure machine on me here i would have broken it my heart was beating so fast). Marnie proceeds to slam doors, throw keys at him and goes in changes and refuses to go anywhere with a ()*^&)*(&^*^&%*)^)(&)(*& (and then some more ()*^&)(*&)(^)(). Sunday night falls and marnie is still not happy but she lets it ride for the sake of her sanity. (but wait it gets better).

Monday comes around and marnie works her large arse off doing everything for everyone else and wears leggings with a large shirt and cardigan over the top (ray was going to work so she didnt have to see him all day). Night time falls and ray whilst marnie was washing up (never a good time to confront me with something) says NOW MARNIE (not a good start to any conversation) DO YOU WANT YOUR DAUGHTER TO DRESS LIKE YOU DO. REALLY HAVE A LOOK AT YOURSELF. (are you ready for the explosion). Marnie went off like a rocket to the moon and still hasnt arrived back here yet. Marnie asked ray ARE YOU SUGGESTING I LOOK LIKE SOME COMMON )(*&)(*&)(*&)*( ray answered WELL IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT. (more )(*()&)(*&()*^&*^$^&%#%$@^$&(^%*^(*&^*(&^(^&*^$^&#^%$#^%#$) ok so lets just say that ray didnt learn the lesson on sunday of sometimes keeping your big mouth lazy arsed lame opinions to yourself but after last nights performance i think he has. NOW DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANYTHING THEY WANT TO SAY TO ME ABOUT FAT CHICKS THAT LOOK LIKE WHORES IN TIGHTS. WELL DO YA.

Monday, August 30, 2010

World's Greatest Mum NOT!

Hello Possums
I have decided that going for the title of worlds greatest mother is just well to god darn hard to go for anymore. I have come to this conclusion after well a weekend of running around after everyone else and i am buggered. I am now aiming for the title of The ALMOST AVERAGE MOTHER plaque instead. That i can do and do well. I can sew (well sort of), cook (well when i am in the mood), clean house (when i can no longer see the floor), remember every thing that the kids need (and not forget all my stuff, yeah highly unlikely), drive the family everywhere (if i could be bothered getting of the lounge), and lastly cough up money like a fountain (not any more sweetie). see i have it in the bag.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello possums
As the heading says i have up something up FOR SALE. Now i am not sure it will be everyones taste. It has a tendancy to work well for others, be somewhat tempermental (sorry about spelling mistakes), not that old but not new either, can be used hard or soft, technically challenging at times, not house trained but toilet trained, has a strong mind set, very opinionated and big mouthed when sometimes it is wiser not to be. Yep it is my husband. Does anyone want him. I am ready to rip his head off and shit down his throat. I never asked for his fashion advice and i hate to think what he would have said if i had actually asked lol. Price is negotiable and i dont care if he goes to a good home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

if it doesnt rain it pours

Hello possums
It has been the weird couple of weeks here at the Didlick residents. First off i was on my way to get the kids from school and my auto transmission shit itself. next week in my old apollo i was on my way home from scouts and cooked the engine. now ray is clever but even he can not fix two cars that quickly plus work days and night shift. on top of all this there has been cubs, scouts, joeys and schools to deal with. now the icing on the cake was the selling of my nans deceased estate that we had to help clean out and get stuff into a storage shed for my mother. to say we are buggered and the house is in a mess is an understatement. being a one car family again has been a big wakeup call for us all. i never realised how much i relied on my cars. thank god grace catches the bus to school in the mornings or that would be another trip in to town.

so here is the plan stan (i have always loved that saying lol) we are having tomorrow off from doing everything for everyone else and spending the day at home to 1. fix the cars and 2. clean up my house. fingers crossed this plan is going to work. wish me luck guys

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


hello possums
I just want to share with you all this wonderful blog that my friend kel advised. OMG you will not want to turn the computer off. I have learnt heaps of photo tips and even thought about cooking (notice i said thought about, i havent actually been able to get my arse off the arm chair to do it yet). You will not be disappointed, so go on go and have a look at Pioneer Woman.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog hopping and some Blog candy

Hello Possum
Am i the only insane one or do you all enjoy a good blog hop? I love them when i can get a chance to sit down and look through all the blogs. I have come across a wonderful blog hop which starts right here. I have saved many of these blogs to my favourites now and i have the longest line of blogs to look at for inspiration now that i have no excuse not to create. we at least look like i am creating.
I came across some blog candy up for offer too. so if you are interested look here. This place is amazing you so wont be sorry for taking 5 min and having a squiz. i hope you enjoy yourselves.

Friday, August 13, 2010

oh so cold

Hello possums
It is freezing here today. My toes are like mini ice blocks and my fingers are blue. So glad we have the reverse cycle air con. I also have the 3 boys home today. Thomas is normally home with me but i have Ashley and Anthony home sick with the flu. Ashley seems to get over it and then wham it hits him all over again. Poor little bugger. I have made him do some reading on raz-kids and he is not happy with me. lol.
On the bright side i am going to do some card making today. I am nearly finished all the teachers gifts for the boys to give out and only have the principal to go. Kellie gave me a link to a fantastic womans blog called Jenny Macquire and omg i am in love with how she makes cards. So simple but look so beautiful. I am going to make the note cards she has on her blog here. They are so cute and simple to knock up. I just need to find an apple stamp to pop on it. I am sure i will find one somewhere in my stash of stamps.
Thought i would give you a looksy at my finished cards and boxes.
this is a mini 3x3 card with matching envelope.
and this is the mini pizza box top.
I was wondering too does anyone give gifts to high school teachers. Grace has so many teachers in high school i have no idea if i should give gifts or not. Any advice would be wonderful.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello possums

ok i have to admit it i am a bit of a dame edna fan! i am sure i am not the only one though, but am i the only one who dressed up as her for a fun day at high school. yep i taped stars to my glasses, wore big white high heeled shoes and a tight blue and white dress. i even got called up on the stage as one of the finalists. so in honour of dame edna here is a little clip i found.
alrighty enough about me me me. this post is actually about Ashley the new Joeys scout. He is so proud of himself. He gets invested in a couple of weeks and i am just so proud of him. Ashley now does his homework, makes his bed and pretty much does as he is told, all because he wants to go to joeys and if he misbehaves he doesnt go. i thought i would take this chance to brag and show you all a really cute picture of him in his uniform. you might notice too the 3 missing teeth in the front. not really camera shy is he?