Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi all

Long time no posting hey?

Been really busy here as usual with kids and scouts and hubby and well life in general.

Last post i chatted about taking the kids to disney on ice. It was wonderful. The costumes are beautiful and colourful and the story was great plus the skating was fantastic. The boys had a blast and cheered and clapped and pointed and screamed. Merchanise was so expensive so we didnt walk away with much but heaps of photos and some great memories.Thought i would share some pictures with you.

The boys enjoyed having their cousin Kurt around. He spoilt them rotten and played rough with them. Aunty Helen did a lot of spoiling too and the boys lapped up every moment of it.

Ashley starts joeys tonight. Should be interesting. He is taking some cup cakes with him as it was his birthday on the 21st. Might have to take the camera and get a couple of photos.
Bought some really cute patterned paper today from the reject shop so i am hoping and praying that i can make a card or two soon. Fingers crossed this is the inspiration i have been praying for.

Well i am off.

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Marcy said...

aweome potos good to see you bloggin again lassy!