Thursday, June 3, 2010

too much fun

hi all
i have cleaned my craft room and donated stuff to friends. it has been so refreshing to rid my room of clutter. poor sandie got a huge box full of goodies to clog up her craft space lol.
went stamping today with sandie and had a ball. we raided poor vicki's shop and stamps and made a mess (we did clean it up). i have so many stamped images now it is fantastic. i cant wait to get in and make the cards now. vicki has also agreed to sell our cards at her shop woo hoo. how exciting is that. now to get me arse into gear and get the cards packed and ready.
i really must thank kelly for this sudden bolt of inspiration. thanks kelly your call the other day was just what i needed to get me creating again and enjoying myself. housework will always be there for me. time to enjoy myself and have some time for me wont be. you are a gem girl.

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