Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holidays are here again

hi all
well i dont know whether to laugh or cry. school holidays are here and at present i have 3 boys home driving me absolutely nuts. i love having them around me i just wish they would behave even if just for 5 minutes lol.
grace starts next week which means mum will be home on saturday. i cant wait to see her and i know grace is going to be beside herself with joy. it is definately the old story of you dont know what you have til its gone.
well i am off to scrape play dough off my floor and walls.


Marcy said...

Yep, mine start next week so I a sure you'll get some desperate phone calls begging for moral boosting!!! oh I'd say best case scenario urmmm.... day two! LOL Mwah to you and have fum with your mum I am sure your bursting to see her!

kchambo said...

Good Luck Luv!! Good thing about your Mum coming home is that she will want to spend some QUALITY time with the kids...............;P

roaldwilla said...

I love having around me I just wish they behave, even if only 5 minutes. Thanks begins next week, which means that the mother will be home on Saturday. I can not wait to see, and I know grace is overjoyed.

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