Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holidays are here again

hi all
well i dont know whether to laugh or cry. school holidays are here and at present i have 3 boys home driving me absolutely nuts. i love having them around me i just wish they would behave even if just for 5 minutes lol.
grace starts next week which means mum will be home on saturday. i cant wait to see her and i know grace is going to be beside herself with joy. it is definately the old story of you dont know what you have til its gone.
well i am off to scrape play dough off my floor and walls.

Friday, June 25, 2010


hi all

i have been searching the web at different times and stumbled across some yummos that i really really want but know that money well lack of it will put a damper on my joy. oh bugger i need to win lotto. anyway if i cant have them i can share my dreams lol.
ok this is real pipe dreaming at its best. an art studio for just me. oh to be so lucky.
had to link this one as i cant copy the picture but arent they just pretty. the results you get with these is just beautiful.
ok another link.
see if you can guess this time before clicking on the link and no it isnt a new hubby though the thought has crossed my mind.
lucky last. i would love one of all of these.

alright enough day/pipe dreaming.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

vintage engines and then some

hi all
we have just arrived home from a lovely day looking at vintage engines and other old vintage bits and peices. we have also had the pleasure of coming across a friendly little echidna at manilla river. i have a couple of photos to share i hope you enjoy them.
bore drilling machine model
i love looking at the decals on the engines. some of the art work is amazing.

cooper engine.
isnt this just the cutest.

Friday, June 11, 2010

damm it

hi all
damm it damm it damm it. i now have thomas and ashley home crook and it looks like i am starting to get my sinus infection back again. there goes the long weekend ray and i had planned. i have hit the antibiotics i had here and dosed the boys up. god love them. i just love how the boys as sick as they are still manage to run around and have heaps of energy. i can feel a nanna nap coming on today. well happy creating to everyone i hope you all get heaps done.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

not much going down

hi all
i have been so busy the last couple of days that i havent even looked in my craft room. i am starting to have withdrawls. i so need to create so here is my plan. i have ashley home tomorrow sick so i am going to set him up with a dr who dvd and get creative. so what do you think??? do you like my chances or am i just pipe dreaming???

Friday, June 4, 2010

sad news

hi all
well it is with some sad news that i post today. a dear friend of mine lost her father suddenly on wednesday. it has come a quite a shock to her and her family. i thought i would make some sympathy cards for her and her nan and here they are. i find sympathy cards so hard to make especially when they are for someone you care for. does anyone else have this problem? any ideas on making sympathy cards for loved ones? please leave a comment if you do as i would love some advice on this.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

too much fun

hi all
i have cleaned my craft room and donated stuff to friends. it has been so refreshing to rid my room of clutter. poor sandie got a huge box full of goodies to clog up her craft space lol.
went stamping today with sandie and had a ball. we raided poor vicki's shop and stamps and made a mess (we did clean it up). i have so many stamped images now it is fantastic. i cant wait to get in and make the cards now. vicki has also agreed to sell our cards at her shop woo hoo. how exciting is that. now to get me arse into gear and get the cards packed and ready.
i really must thank kelly for this sudden bolt of inspiration. thanks kelly your call the other day was just what i needed to get me creating again and enjoying myself. housework will always be there for me. time to enjoy myself and have some time for me wont be. you are a gem girl.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

still cruising

hi all
well i am still creating which is a feat in itself. i have actually had the time to sit and make a few more cards as well as juggle scouts and everything else. not easy but i think i am worth the effort.

i have some more cards to share with you all. not hugely fancy or anything like that but i love the cute bugs. so worth the $2 at the reject shop plus i still have some more left woo hoo. the wording stickers are from big w and you get two sheets in a pack which is pretty good going i think. leave a comment and let me know what you think.