Thursday, February 11, 2010

so much to do so little (well you know how it goes)

hi all
yep i am once again rushed off my feet. i thought with all kids going to school i would have time to myself and be able to live the high life. yeah right ..... it has been the total opposite. by the time i get the kids to school come home and clean up the house and then do shopping, cooking or scouts i run out of the house again and pick them up. i have just signed up for reading groups on tuesday and thursdays so that is another 2 hours a week gone. i so have to learn to say no. lol....
anthony is travelling well at school. he loves his teacher and every day is coming home telling me what a great day he has had. it is so nice to see him smiling and happy to go to school.
ashley is well how can i put it...... just ashley. his teacher told me last night that he doesnt want to do what he is told and join in but just politely says "nope thanks i am just going to do the ashley thing" omg what am i going to do with that child lol. the teacher did mention that he is improving as the days go on.
thomas is plodding along like the little trooper he is. always happy to go to class and get on the computers and do other fun things. they are having water play day on tuesday so he is super excited about that.
grace is going great guns at oxley. she has made more friends and is constantly telling me all the high school goss. i cant keep up with it all. must be the old age creeping in. she is growing up into such a beautiful young lady and i couldnt be prouder of her. she is off to her swimming carnival tonight so she doesnt have to go to school tomorrow.
well i am off to have a shower and go to the inforamation night for anthony.
cya soon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

d day

hi all
yep it is d day. diane leaving town day that is lol. my mum drives off at 4am in the morning for bourke. we had a lovely farewell lunch for her. i have cried and cried but not in front of her as i dont want her too feel bad. i of course just had to get my monthlys which so isnt helping things. i overheard ray telling grace that mummy is going through that time and well it is safest to keep a low profile. i will low profile him if i hear him talking about me again. anyway i am off will catch up later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

home alone

hi all
ok i want to know do i stink??????????????? the boys have gone to school, so i am home alone but now my mother has accepted a position in Burke of all places. that means for the first time she will be more then 10min away. so come on i want the truth do i stink of what????