Sunday, January 17, 2010

stormy weather

hi all

i have been out with my camera again taking snaps of the weather. it was so weird today, so hot and humid then this evening there was the fluffiest white cloud and the lightning was coming out from the inside. these arent the best pictures but i love the look.


scrapNshop/SkrapPrincess said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids and the storm Marnie.

Glad to hear you baby girl is back and you can some great mother/daughter time together.

Hope you are keeping well.

sandra said...

great photos Marnie.
the second one really seems to capture the mood really well.

Lynn said...

I just ran across your blog today, and boy amd I glad that I did. I couldn't find the "follow button" so I'm gonna see if I can bookmark you, because I like your blog. Loved the pictures too!~Lynn

Sailing gal said...

those are some great pictures! you certintally have a way with getting the camera ready just at the right time!

MARNIE said...

thanks for the lovely comments ladies