Thursday, January 21, 2010

snap shots of today

hi all
whilst down town today i took over graces camera and took a few snaps. there is so much to see and do down there. i could easily spend a day just sitting there watching people walk by and take photos. country music really brings out some charactors and make things that seem normal stand out more.
isnt it funny, the thing that made the boys the happiest was simply balloons.

the tin man had the boys stumped. they didnt quite get that you had to put money in the tin to get the bloke to move lol.

the lights look very pretty against the trees and hopefully tonight i can get some more pics.

the old town clock looked so bright and beautiful


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kchambo said...

Girl, your photography is coming along in leaps and bounds!!! Must be the new camera. I'm enjoying catching up with what you are doing. Glad we missed CMF, AND it doesn't seem as hot here this year!!! LOL No pit spray here!!