Thursday, January 14, 2010

ideas needed

hi all
alright i have decided that for every 5kg i loose i get a reward. i have some ideas but i need some more. so if you are up for a challenge think up some non food related rewards for me...... my list so far is (it can change lol)and yes i know there are alot of 5kgs up there pmsl

1st 5kg a single red rose
2nd 5kg a bunch of flowers
3rd 5kg manicure and pedicure
4th 5kg spa and massage
5th 5kg new joggers
6th 5kg
7th 5kg
8th 5kg weekend away with ray aka dirty weekend lol
9th 5kg
10th 5kg new clothes
11th 5kg
12th 5kg
13th 5kg lingerie
14th 5kg boob job lol.

ok ladies fill in the blanks.

1 comment:

kchambo said...

Helllooooo, perhaps some MORE scrap stuff is in order as a reward. Like, say, a Tarisota reward for 1 month?