Wednesday, January 13, 2010

harriett has come to visit

hi all
i have a friend who had a terrible legion on her face which took her forever to deal with anyway this friend has a fantastic sense of humour so she named it larry the legion. so in true form i have a coldsore on my lip. it is actually my first ever coldsore and my god it hurts so i have come up with the name of harriett the herpe. harriette is being dealt with in the strictest of ways and hopefully will not be staying here too long lol. harriette and larry can live together in the land of never want to see your on my face again

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kchambo said...

Perhaps Larry and Harriet have a secret tryst going on??? Dear God, let's hope not!!! LOL Hope Harriet packs up her shit and leaves soon. Larry is a stayer and even windex isn't helping!! (see my big fat greek wedding)