Sunday, January 3, 2010

finally a layout.

hi all.
i have broken the drought and completed a double page layout. these are for kellys scrap album that we put together for her to have in townsville. i really love these photos as they are us to a tea.

luv ya's


kchambo said...

Who are those damn HOT foxes????? So great to see you today and do lunch. I love you guys SO much!! Have a great time away. MWAHHHHH xxx

Danielle said...

yay, bloody hell it has been a while!
love it!

PS... Am i only person commenting on you blog anymore? Where are you people???


these pages look awesome gal! Just make em open big so I can really check em out pleeese! Glad to hear the mojo's on the return I sooo wish we were closer to each other to inspire in IRL!!!!

Marcy :)