Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hi all
yes this is a post about the COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVITIES that are happening. yes it is that time again and the people are coming out of the wood work everywhere. i went for a stroll down town last night to look at the buskers etc. it was lovely and cool and the kids even got some fake tattoos. i managed to take a few pics too so thought i would share. i love looking at all the different characters that turn up, from Indians to the chicken man. if anyone has never been to the CMF then really book now for your tickets next year. just remember this is where Keith Urban started. I was there the night he won Tamworth Starmaker and i have an autograph to prove it pmsl. i use to have the biggest crush on that man, even with his mullet lol. it is truly one of the best fortnight you can ever have. there are heaps of free concerts on for those on a budget.

a hat for every girl out there

who doesn't want a lovely pink hat like this. just add a tiarra and i am there lol.

hanging lights for sale. just glorious as the streets got darker.

the light was hitting the gates at bicentennial park perfectly last night. i just had to take a photo. i love the look of the stone and metal together.



Sailing gal said...

there can nevr be enough people out there to celebrate the country music! sadly though, i am one of those few who have not yet been able to go.... keeping the dream alive!
glad that you like to get into it!

MARNIE said...

when in rome lol.

kchambo said...

I have actually seen the pic of Keith Urban and his mullet that Marnie posesses. I think it would be first out of her house if there was a fire.................