Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hi all
Anthony started year 4 today at a new school. now dont get me wrong the public school he was in is a great school just not right for anthony though. Anthony struggles with work sometimes and i found he was just being overlooked at times which is really sad. anyway he started at william cowper today and he was excited and raring to go. i had to hold the flood gates back til i got to the car. it was a bit of an emotional moment... he has Miss Gron as his teacher and she is new too so that is nice. Fingers crossed this is going to help him. oh and as a scrapbooker does i took some photos.

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kchambo said...

Good Lord, but he looks grown up in his WC uniform!! Handsome fella. Hope all goes well with him in his new school. All kids are different and you really need to be sensitive to his needs. I have public schooled all my kids, but I am thinking private for Ethan. They have him in a get this, year 1,2,3. All the same room. What's going on with this? I think public schools DO overlook the kids who sometime don't get it, but the teacher also has a lot to do with that as well. 2 cents worth for the day. Kisses!!! xx