Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years resolutions

hi all
i have been doing some soul searching lately. what to do this year for my new years resolutions. do i try to cut out the f word from nearly every second sentence, do i try not to yell so much at the kids , maybe do some volunteer work while the kids are at school. nope i have decided to do the old faithful LOOSE WEIGHT resolution. my aunt and i are joining up to weight watchers on the 9th and we are going to get healthy. i am really looking forward to it. there is a bit of nervousness aswell but for the better part just excited. i have lost weight with them before so i know it works. excercise is happening with me playing on the wii fit plus for 1/2 an hour every day. i will build it up to the full hour over the next few weeks. i so need to turn my life around where it comes to my health. not only for me but because i want to be here for a long time with my kids. no early departure from this chickie babe. anyway that is it i have announced it to the world. now to get my arse up and excercise lol.
luv ya's

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Danielle said...

i have another resolution for you...
Happy new year hun xx