Friday, October 30, 2009

wish me luck

hi all
i know it has been a little while since i have left a post but life has been super busy. i have been doing some more sewing and tomorrow is d day. i am taking some stuff to sell at the markets. wish me luck guys as i dont know if they are going to sell or not. i am so nervous i feel sick lol. here are some pictures to show you my talent pmsl.

these bags are the two i am taking with me to the markets. they are 14inch wide by 13 inch high by 3.5 inch deep. they have pockets on the inside and outside.

i love the little motif on this apron. she is so cute.

anyway i will let you know tomorrow night how i went.

luv ya's


Bronnie T said...

Hi Marn
How did you go at the markets?
I am back Friday. Will call you on the weekend. Glad you had a great time on hols.
Cheers Bronnie

TribeRingers said...

Great products, so I'm sure they flew off the table!

You are so talented woman, how do you find the time?!