Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i is so proud of moi

hi all
yep i am going to shout from the top of my lungs how clever i am lol. i have just made a baby shower pressie for a dear friend of mine. it is really really cute and i love it. the big thing is i made it by sewing. now for some of you that not be a big thing but for me that is huge. i am one of the worse sew people in the world. i suck at it big time. i saw this though and thought gee i really should give it a go what have i got to loose right (apart from my mind). well i went to spotlight yesterday and i was lucky to find a lovely girl who helped me so much. i asked heaps of questions (stupid ones like what is interfacing lol) she explained things to me in english and i walked out $50 poorer but confident i could do it. anyway to cut a long story short i stayed up til 3.30am getting most of the bag done and finished it this morning all up i think it took me around 6 to 7 hours to make which isnt too bad considering i had to measure everything in inches and only had a small ruler pmsl. so here it is my creation and i love it love it love it. grace has ordered one so next week we are going to go and find some material to make one just for her. i will check the blog where i got the pattern from and let you all know later.

can i just add a big thankyou to those who have been leaving comments lately. i love reading what you all have to say about stuff.

luv ya's

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