Wednesday, October 21, 2009

beach babe

hi all
i am definately not a beach babe but there is something about the beach that i just love. the sound of the waves crashing, the sand between your toes (not so nice in other areas) or just the openness of it all. we have just gotten back from a 5 night stay at north haven near laurieton. it was gorgeous. we got to see whales. they were a fair distance away but with binoculars i could see them lunging into the air and splashing down. god they are spectacular animals. i couldnt get a photo of them as they were just too far away. i really need to pull my finger out and save up for a bigger camera. the kids had a ball and caught some little fish. thomas kept telling everyone he wanted to catch a carp and a fathead while he was over there. i couldnt stop laughing at him. he is a charactor.

the caravan park we stayed in was just beautiful. our cabin was just across from a play area and pool and the laundry, plus i had a pc right near the play area so i could check my emails and see what the kids were doing at the same time. i so didnt want to come back. anyway no rest for the wicked i need to go and get tea organised for when miss grace gets back from canberra. oh i have missed her.
luv ya's

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