Tuesday, September 22, 2009


hi all
ok what is the go. i have all the drive in the world, a semi clean scraproom, hundred of stamps and yet i can not bring myself to make a simple card. i sat there last night for an hour and just nothing came out right. could it be because it is for a challenge or just because my stupid mojo has gone walkabout? oh god i so hope my mojo hasnt left me. i so need it right now. there are so many great challenges happening and i want to play. oh insert big big big sobbing smiley picture here lol. all will be fine though. my little neice sarah is coming to play today and guess what she got for her birthday. CARDSTOCK! and no it wasnt from me. so anyway to cut a long story short sarah asked if she could come over and make cards with me. like i would ever say no to a request like that. ok i am off i am going to stamp some images for the kids to colour in and then later make cards with. oh i am excited about this woo hoo.
luv ya's

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