Sunday, September 20, 2009

post it right here

hi all
first off a big thanks to vicki from angels r scrapping who gave me a heap of materials to make these cute post it note holders. i have been going a slight bit mad with these and i think i have done enough now to sell at the craft stall for the scouts. i really like these and i can see myself making more to give as chrissy gifts to teachers etc.

the template for the ones below was taken from a present linda (loulou) gave to me a while back. i think they are really pretty.

luv ya's

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kchambo said...

Hey, I love these tings too. Would you send me a pic of the middle one via email so I can see the closure you have used? I can't make your blog pics bigger. mine go bigger, and I can't figure out why!! LOL
K xx