Tuesday, September 1, 2009

photo shoot

hi all
i have dusted off my camera and gone for a play. i so have to do a course and learn how to use it properly. i did mess around with the settings yesterday and i had a ball. there is so much to take pictures of around this house. i can see many more photos being taken over the next few months as spring is in the air. i had to laugh as even my chooks posed for me pmsl. anyway i hope you enjoy looking through some shots.
just one of the beautiful blooms that are out.
my beautiful boy george (named by mr ashley).

a lonely little daffy in the jonquil patch.

i love the yellow trumpets on these white jonquils. so pretty and dainty unlike me trying to get up off the ground.

white blossom wonderland. i couldnt capture the way the sun glowed throught the white blossoms like a wanted too. but i still like this picture.gori am so lucky to have an orchard up the side of my house. this beautiful bloom in on one of the fruit trees. the bees were being very busy and the hum was just delightfully peaceful as i tip toed around and took shots.
just lioning around pmsl. this little fellow is one of two that sit out either side of my front path and guard us. i have no idea where they came from but i do love them.

this old gate is hidden in a corner of the garden. i love the rust and the scroll work on it. there is a yellow bush near it so when the two can be seen together it is really special. i might have to try and scrap something in yellow and browns.
the spectacular orange of these clivias meant i had to take a pic. ray has popped a peice of very weathered fence post behind them and it just makes them pop out so much more. arent they just so cheery and bright.

this has to be one of my favourite flowers of all time. the bird of paradise is a strikingly beautiful flower. the colours are second to none and they seem like such a strong proud flower with the way the hold thier heads up.

ray loves going to the buy back centre at the tip here in town. he finds all sorts of things and this is just one of them. this charming little lad is on top of a fountain ray just had to have. the thing doesnt work but hey who cares. it looks so cute in my garden.

well i hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures and i hope to share a lot more in the near future.

love ya's


kchambo said...

Great pics Marn. You might want to buy a filter for your lens tho, so it doesn't get scratched and filters out some of the UV light. You can expect to pay $35-$100 for one. stops your lens getting dirty too, you just unscrew the filter to clean it. You ARE a clever girl. BUT.....once you do a photography course......you are NEVER happy with your photos. The course is called Art Photography at TAFE and the teacher is Steve Gonsalves. Some useful stuff for ya!! Keep clickin'
K xx

Danielle said...

Oooh that choock is going to look lovely in my oven!!

Lovely photos honey- Bugger couls have saved some $$'s and have you photograph the wedding! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Hey! Just so you know I've posted the lovely atc you made me for our ATC CJ on my blog!! Thanks.
Pretty photos Marnie!! I love getting out in the garden and taking a few snaps.

MrsDB said...

Lovely photos Marnie, like you I need to do a course cos I have a fabulous camera but the operator is pretty shoddy LOL. George looks just like our rooster Lucky! (named lucky cos my dog Jarrah got hold of him 3 times & he's still alive LOL)