Monday, September 7, 2009

omg what a quote

hi all
last night i heard one of the funniest quotes out that had me nearly peeing my pants. the wonderfully funny JUDITH LUCY (from crackerjack and fast forward) being so straight forward and just well aussie came out with this cracker about botox and collagen and madonna. it went something along these lines.
"madonna now has had so much botox that she looks like a white good. i could just go up to her face and wipe it down and shove a magnet on it".
this line is just precious and i can see myself using it time and time again lol.
love ya's

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yep totally LOL and agreed! most of the time I love Judith Lucy occassionally shes just plain GROSS!LOL Enjoying her better than hughesy and what about Robin Williams last night OMG laugh! I totally have and always will love that man for making me crack up!