Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kaiser surprise

hi all

omg i have just checked out ngaire's blog and it looks like i am a lucky winner of some really cool kaiser stuff. woo hoo. i am just over the moon. thankyou ngaire you are a kindred spirit and you have just made my week. it is so nice to recieve news like this compared to the normal grind of everyday life. i am just so excited. i might actually scrap again lol.i havent done a page in ages as ihave been so busy with cards and atcs. this is just what i need to get motivated again. here is a pic of the goodies. woo hoo. how bloody awesome are those papers. keep your eye out too as ngaire is a guest dt there at the mo and if you have had the pleasure of seeing her work then you know how cool the stuff she makes will be. if you havent had the experience of seeing some amazing art then pop on over to her blog and have a squiz. while you are there click on the link and look up jill gg work aswell.

grace has her big scrap day coming up on the 26th. it should be so cool. i am really looking forward to this day. i think it is more the chance to catch up with everyone again rather then any scrapping lol. gee is it that time already. where does the day go. by the time i run the kids to school do the groceries, visit mum, and then unpack all the groceries and clean out the kitchen cupboards (i found 8 tins of fruit salad in there how embarrassing and 5 tins of coffee), did a bit of blog hopping it is time to pick the kids back up again. wow time flies when you are having fun.
luv ya's

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