Monday, September 21, 2009

its raining bills

hi all
funny thing bills. they all seem to come at the one time. so i was thinking what is a good name for a collection of bills? in life we have a herd of cattle, a mob of roos and a flock of birds yet nothing for something that happens all the time in our lives. ok here is the challenge........ i want you guys to make up a name for a collection of bills that arrive in your mailbox. nothing too crude as i immediatly think of a few lol. i have some little stamps to give away to the best answer. you have until saturday to impress me. only one entry each too please.
luv ya's

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kchambo said...

Hey!!! Lerve the new look on ya blog.
I reckon a cluster of bills would be called a.........wait for it........A VEX of bills. As it is always vexing trying to figure out how to pay them. Ve xis also word of the day on a site I stumbled across, so thought I'd use it on you!!! LOL VEX is a word we don't hear often anymore. Love ya,
K xx