Thursday, September 10, 2009


hi all

this saturday is a very special day for a dear friend of mine. The beautiful danielle o'connor is getting married to the funky and funny pete. it is going to be a lovely wedding and i know that she is going to be just stunning in her gown. del is a charactor and has taught me so much. at the tender age of 26 this youngen has taught me to laugh more at things and also that i cant change what people think so just be myself and speak my mind and get on with life. del is so wise for her years it amazes me. not only wise but very kind and generous. del i wish you pete all the happiness in life. may your love grow stronger with each passing year together. i hope the day is all you wish for and is as special as you are. all my love and thoughts. mwah.oh and del, yes i am crying lol.
luv ya's

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