Thursday, September 17, 2009

bargain bargain bargain

hi all
i have just had one of the best mornings out. as some of you might know my husband ray just happens to work right next door to life line hence the collection of crap in my house and yard but anyway back to me, i decided to call in and see him. however he had been called away to work so i thoughts to meself "marn hows bout you go and have a quick squiz in life line you have the time and only 1 child" so thats what i did. i walked in and just outside the front door was this white shelf thingy. i didnt take much notice at first and just walked in and didnt find anything of too much interest. so on my way out i had a better look and guess what i ended up buying it yep that is right i bought this shelf thingy for $5 and i know it is rough and just a tad crooked but hey arent i the same and would you throw me away..... well i bloody well hope not. so here it is my bargain shelf thingy. oh yes that is my wall paper and yes they are all my flowers.

luv ya's

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