Tuesday, September 22, 2009

atc circle journal

hi all
the talented ruby bisson organised this wonderful swap at allcraftz. the idea was the same as a circle journal but instead of using pages we swaped atcs. there were 8 ladies involved and i think you will agree with me how beautiful the atcs are. my theme was heritage which probally comes at no suprise to alot of you.

linda foster (lou lou) made this one
marcy smith ( scrappychick) made this one

de white (mamacrystal) made this one
nova irawati (nop-nop) made this one.

ruby bisson (rubyrox) made this one
robyn kirkman (mrsd) made this one

elizabeth white (redcrystal) made this one

and this last one was mine. i loved these stamps.
luv ya's


TribeRingers said...

Looks fabulous - great job by you all.

Hope you are well and dandy Ms Marnie.

Elizabeth said...

They look awesome Marnie!! Was such a great swap!! I love mine.
Have you found your memory card? :D
Some time I'll have to get you to make me a few of those faces. I have a great idea for them :D Yours look sweet!