Thursday, September 10, 2009

alcohol ink heavan

hi all
ok what do you get when you cross a sale and alcohol ink? thats right you get me buying 13 bottles of the stuff and absolutely no idea on how to use it pmsl. i have seen some finished projects with alcohol inks and just oooohhhed and aaahhhed. so for anyone who is interested in these little beauties get on over to allcraftz and get them cheap and also i have found a timmy vid that has heaps of info oh and timmy lol. tim holtz alcohol inks it well worth looking at. for timmy if nothing else lol.
luv ya's

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kchambo said...

I did the same thing, 'cept I know how to use it!! Please tell me you bought blender solution and an applicator thing too!!! The best user I have seen of alcohol inks is Marcy. The last ATC she posted was mind blowing. I an still experimenting and gave my kitchen table a makeover when a bottle of pearl mixitave exploded in my hands. Sprayed Ethan, me and Amanda who was sitting on the other side of the table. We were covered and we all looked stunned for a minute and started laughing. it DOES NOT come off and dried the second it hit the table.Not even the blender solution took it off. No matter!! My table now has an arty, pearly spattery sheen to it. Love ya K xx