Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OMG look what allcraftz have.....

hi all
i have just been over in the allcraftz shop and woo hoo. spellbinders and impressabilities are in stock. i am in heaven. i have been and purchased. not sure how i am going to pay but hey i am sure something will come to me pmsl.

luv ya's

3 angels scrapping

hi all
i have come across this great forum and shop called 3 angels scrapping. they have a great range of scrap goodies and the forum is exceptionally friendly. so if you have a chance pop on over and introduce yourselves. i have even gone for a dt position there. i dont like my chances as some of the talent over there is unreal. oh well you have to give it a go dont you? if you have a bit of trouble getting in dont stress. i think there are a few technical issues going on but i am sure they will be fixed soon. so keep trying. it is worth the wait.
luv ya's

Sunday, September 27, 2009

we have a winner

hi all
congratulations to kel. kelly was the only one who came up with a name for a collections of bills. kelly can you email me your new addy and i will get some stamps in the post to you.


hi all
thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the kind ladies who turned up yesterday to graces scrapathon. it was a smallish occassion but we still managed to make just over $400 dollars for the local scout group to go to jamboree. so here goes:
thankyou to bronwen - for you kind donation of stamps to auction off and for the cards you helped grace and tanika make. you never cease making me laugh.
thankyou to megan - for coming and supporting the cause.
thankyou to clare (kels mum) - for coming along and giving money even though you couldnt stay. i am so going to miss you too when you move.
thankyou to carol - for bringing maryannes donations along (thankyou maryann) and for buying up in the auctions lol but most of all for coming and joining in.
thankyou to pauline - for your time and effort. i really appreciate all you did to help out.
thankyou to princess/alex- cant wait to see that finished project. it should be great
rosemary - thankyou for keeping me company and helping out.
thankyou to the comers and goers - for donations and just generally your time popping in to see how everything was going
THANKYOU to the scouts who turned up and lent a hand. you have done yourselves proud.
THANKYOU TO SANDIE - I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU GIRL. your support and friendship mean the world to me.
now i am praying i have not left anyone out. if i have i am so sorry and i thankyou too.
luv ya's

Friday, September 25, 2009

oh what to do?

hi all
gee i am having one of those days. i have so much to do and no energy to do it. tomorrow is graces big scrap day and i need to get this house clean. make a potato bake, cook some rice for fried rice and well just get my a into gear not to mention clean up my scrap room and get stuff ready to take. omg i am not going to have time to do all of this. ok i am off i have to stop whinging and start doing. have a great day everyone.
luv ya's

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lets face it

hi all
busy little beaver today. well actually i lie, i had a pretty relaxed day as i have come down with the flu and have been awake since 2.30am and yes i am tired and feeling it right now lol. i have managed to have a little play in my craft room and thought i would show you the atc's i made.

the first one i used air dry clay to make the faces and then painted them using smooch inks. i used alcohol inks on the background and also ran them around the frame. i used dimentional magic in the frame to make it look glossy like glass and also used some kindy glitz for sparkle cause everyone knows i love a bit of sparkle lol.

the second face is made with opals and i love it. it is so pretty. i used smooch inks on the background to make it stand out and add some depth. i then ran some blue smooch on the frame and ran my finger around it to push it into the grooves. i love that blue. i covered the whole thing with dimentional magic. i think she stands out lovely.

luv ya's

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

atc circle journal

hi all
the talented ruby bisson organised this wonderful swap at allcraftz. the idea was the same as a circle journal but instead of using pages we swaped atcs. there were 8 ladies involved and i think you will agree with me how beautiful the atcs are. my theme was heritage which probally comes at no suprise to alot of you.

linda foster (lou lou) made this one
marcy smith ( scrappychick) made this one

de white (mamacrystal) made this one
nova irawati (nop-nop) made this one.

ruby bisson (rubyrox) made this one
robyn kirkman (mrsd) made this one

elizabeth white (redcrystal) made this one

and this last one was mine. i loved these stamps.
luv ya's

look at what i got!

hi all
just wanted to show you the great prizes i won of ngaire bartlams blog. a big hug and thanks ngaire for the goodies. i am really looking forward to using them. woo hoo.

now arent they all just so scrumptous.

luv ya's


hi all
ok what is the go. i have all the drive in the world, a semi clean scraproom, hundred of stamps and yet i can not bring myself to make a simple card. i sat there last night for an hour and just nothing came out right. could it be because it is for a challenge or just because my stupid mojo has gone walkabout? oh god i so hope my mojo hasnt left me. i so need it right now. there are so many great challenges happening and i want to play. oh insert big big big sobbing smiley picture here lol. all will be fine though. my little neice sarah is coming to play today and guess what she got for her birthday. CARDSTOCK! and no it wasnt from me. so anyway to cut a long story short sarah asked if she could come over and make cards with me. like i would ever say no to a request like that. ok i am off i am going to stamp some images for the kids to colour in and then later make cards with. oh i am excited about this woo hoo.
luv ya's

Monday, September 21, 2009


hi all
my mother just sent me the best email and i had a big giggle and thought hey why not share the fun. so here are some ducky thoughts.

Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative.

I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with 'Guess' on it. So I said 'Implants?' She hit me.

How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America ?

Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants.

I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!

When I was young we used to go 'skinny dipping,' now I just 'chunky dunk.'

Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference

Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !!

Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?
Wouldn't you know it....Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever.
Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside?
Bumper sticker of the year: 'If you can read this, thank a teacher -and, since it's in English, thank a veteran'

luv ya's


hi all
big news everyone.... there is a sale on over at allcraftz and i am going to beat you all to the
love ya's

it is all a bit VEXING!

hi all
our first name for a collection of bills seems to be vex. now the reasoning behind this is because it is very vexing to try to pay them when they all come in like that. very clever kel.
luv ya's

as good as a holiday....

hi all
as the old saying goes a change is as good as a holiday and as i cant afford a holiday i have had to settle on changing. i have had a play around with my blog and changed a few elements and added a few. so far i am really happy with it. i hope you enjoy the changes too. dont forget the blog candy on offer...
luv ya's

its raining bills

hi all
funny thing bills. they all seem to come at the one time. so i was thinking what is a good name for a collection of bills? in life we have a herd of cattle, a mob of roos and a flock of birds yet nothing for something that happens all the time in our lives. ok here is the challenge........ i want you guys to make up a name for a collection of bills that arrive in your mailbox. nothing too crude as i immediatly think of a few lol. i have some little stamps to give away to the best answer. you have until saturday to impress me. only one entry each too please.
luv ya's

Sunday, September 20, 2009

post it right here

hi all
first off a big thanks to vicki from angels r scrapping who gave me a heap of materials to make these cute post it note holders. i have been going a slight bit mad with these and i think i have done enough now to sell at the craft stall for the scouts. i really like these and i can see myself making more to give as chrissy gifts to teachers etc.

the template for the ones below was taken from a present linda (loulou) gave to me a while back. i think they are really pretty.

luv ya's

birthdays are so much fun

hi all

oh to be a kid again and get to run around eat fairy bread and just well go apeshit. i was so jealous yesterday of sarah and all her friends. they had a ball running around and climbing on everything. i wish they had a big kids zone lol. the boys had a great time and were so worn out by the end of it all lol. i thought i would show you a couple of pics of the gang.

the first pic is of miss sarah and some of her girlfriends. they were so quick to jump in a line and have their picture taken i had to giggle.
next is thomas who just had a ball climbing everything in the joint.
luv ya's


hi all
bend down before the guru of blogging. well the guru that is my big ego lol. i finally managed to get a photo in my header. i know for some of you it would be an easy task but for me this has just taken me a day to play around with a pic and then get it to do what i wanted it to do and also to get the words to stand out on the image. anyway i would love some feed back on what you think of my pic.
luv ya's

Saturday, September 19, 2009

oh looky at what i found

hi all

i had a big find last night as i went through some containers i had sitting around my craft room. yep i found microscope slides and foil tape in one container and in the other i found making memories alpha rubbons. i know terrible to have these wonderful things shut up in a box forgotten about. maybe it is a case of me owning too much lol. anyway i got this big rush and just had to have a play. i was so excited as i could use my alcohol inks and just well make a mess.

i used alcohol inks and make a pattern with bright pink, bright blue and yellow. i then used a beautiful image the fantastic robyn (mrs d) sent me and seal it all up.
i used a mixture of alcohol inks to create the background. i then cut out the image from vintage moth and added some adorn alpha stickers and sealed her up. i love her. she is just so gorgeous and yes she has a bit of a tummy which i think just appeals to me all the more lol. now to turn these too into necklaces.

luv ya's


hi allmy beautiful neice turned 5 on thursday and there is going to be a party today at kids zone so my boys are running around so excited. the poor neglected boys havent been there before so god help kids zone lol. isnt she just the cutest. and my god sarah makes me laugh. i get called aunty marnie and it cracks me up big time as i always feel like i have done something wrong lol.
anyway i just thought i would show you the card i made last night for miss sarah. i won this beautiful stamp and just had to use it. isnt she gorgeous.

front cover.

inside card.
luv ya's

just five minutes more i promise

hi all
i just cant stop scrapping at the moment and i am loving it. my poor dh is starting to feel slightly neglected lol. the last few nights i have gone out to complete one task and end up playing and going for gold until the wee hours of the morning. now the morning shots arent pretty but i feel like i have at the present found myself again. for along time i have been, well, sort of forcing myself to actually get up and do some scrapping. and while i have enjoyed it i havent been completely happy with what i have been creating. i am here to tell you now WATCH THIS SPACE. i think there are going to be heaps of posts soon showing you what i have been up too.
luv ya's

Thursday, September 17, 2009

retromummy blog candy

hi all
ok i have been blog hopping again and i just read on kels blog that there is a great giveaway. have a look here. retromummy

luv ya's

bargain bargain bargain

hi all
i have just had one of the best mornings out. as some of you might know my husband ray just happens to work right next door to life line hence the collection of crap in my house and yard but anyway back to me, i decided to call in and see him. however he had been called away to work so i thoughts to meself "marn hows bout you go and have a quick squiz in life line you have the time and only 1 child" so thats what i did. i walked in and just outside the front door was this white shelf thingy. i didnt take much notice at first and just walked in and didnt find anything of too much interest. so on my way out i had a better look and guess what i ended up buying it yep that is right i bought this shelf thingy for $5 and i know it is rough and just a tad crooked but hey arent i the same and would you throw me away..... well i bloody well hope not. so here it is my bargain shelf thingy. oh yes that is my wall paper and yes they are all my flowers.

luv ya's

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kaiser surprise

hi all

omg i have just checked out ngaire's blog and it looks like i am a lucky winner of some really cool kaiser stuff. woo hoo. i am just over the moon. thankyou ngaire you are a kindred spirit and you have just made my week. it is so nice to recieve news like this compared to the normal grind of everyday life. i am just so excited. i might actually scrap again lol.i havent done a page in ages as ihave been so busy with cards and atcs. this is just what i need to get motivated again. here is a pic of the goodies. woo hoo. how bloody awesome are those papers. keep your eye out too as ngaire is a guest dt there at the mo and if you have had the pleasure of seeing her work then you know how cool the stuff she makes will be. if you havent had the experience of seeing some amazing art then pop on over to her blog and have a squiz. while you are there click on the link and look up jill gg work aswell.

grace has her big scrap day coming up on the 26th. it should be so cool. i am really looking forward to this day. i think it is more the chance to catch up with everyone again rather then any scrapping lol. gee is it that time already. where does the day go. by the time i run the kids to school do the groceries, visit mum, and then unpack all the groceries and clean out the kitchen cupboards (i found 8 tins of fruit salad in there how embarrassing and 5 tins of coffee), did a bit of blog hopping it is time to pick the kids back up again. wow time flies when you are having fun.
luv ya's

Sunday, September 13, 2009

oh what a night

hi all
does anyone have a spare barocca? peters party was great. we had a ball and i am afraid i had a couple of drinks. the new sugar free cruisers are a little bit addictive, add to that this a few shots and wow. i slept like a log last night pmsl. here is a picture of peter with all the kids hanging around waiting for the cake. peter we thank you for your hospitality and we a blessed to have you as our uncle.
a big congrats to del too who tied the knot yesterday at 3pm. del and i had a chat on the phone today and she said it went really well and pete and her had a ball. they are such a lovely couple and i wish them all the best in the future. anyway being the slack friend i am i didnt get her present off on time so del if you are reading this here is your album lol. it should be in the mail in the morning so stalk the postie later this week. oh and del i have left space everywhere for you to write on if you choose to do so. it is entirely up to you darls.

front cover. darkroom door stamp. adorn it stickers. stampin up cardstock.

inside front cover. stampin up stamp.

page 1. tim holtz stamp.

page 2. tim holtz stamp

page 3 and page 4

page 5 and 6.

card - stampin up cardstock, versa ink, clear embossing powder and tim holtz stamp.
luv ya's

Saturday, September 12, 2009

time for a show

hi all
my mother rings me last minute and asks like mothers do, can you please whip up a card for peters 60th birthday party tomorrow? oh course i said fine no probs shouldnt be too much of a problem. well then the list of requirements come. now the card has to be big enough for 3 families to write on, it needs to me masculine and not wishy washy, it needs to be fancy as it is a 60th afterall. well at 1.30am i finished the card lol. i stressed that it wasnt good enough and well i ended up with this. it will have to do as well i just dont have time to whip up another one lol. i have used my alcohol inks of course and then used various stamps to get a vintage feel to the card. there are a few tim holtz ones in there that you probally reckonise. i would really love your opinion on it.

ok now i am just going to show you the other little plays i had with the alcohol inks.

this one was using autumn colours well that is what i am calling them lol. the writting turned out lovely on it.

this one i used purples and pinks and then used a slighty darker purple to stamp the words. i really love the look you get with the inks. they are sooooooo pretty.

this was such an experiment. i used them on a canvas to see if it would look ok. i am really happy with the results actually. they are more matt then normal but i think with some other art work on it we can turn it into a masterpeice lol.

luv ya's

Friday, September 11, 2009

OMG alcohol ink my new fav

hi all
yes i have pulled out those inks i bought and had a play. i think i have found my new fave here. these things are amazing. pauline (a dear friend of mine) popped in and well i just had to pull them out and show her. i have had a ball. pauline seems to like them too. i think we will have to arrange a weekend crop so she can come and play a bit more lol. the possabilities are endless. well i am off i think i need to have one of each colour now pmsl.
luv ya's

Thursday, September 10, 2009


hi all

this saturday is a very special day for a dear friend of mine. The beautiful danielle o'connor is getting married to the funky and funny pete. it is going to be a lovely wedding and i know that she is going to be just stunning in her gown. del is a charactor and has taught me so much. at the tender age of 26 this youngen has taught me to laugh more at things and also that i cant change what people think so just be myself and speak my mind and get on with life. del is so wise for her years it amazes me. not only wise but very kind and generous. del i wish you pete all the happiness in life. may your love grow stronger with each passing year together. i hope the day is all you wish for and is as special as you are. all my love and thoughts. mwah.oh and del, yes i am crying lol.
luv ya's

alcohol ink heavan

hi all
ok what do you get when you cross a sale and alcohol ink? thats right you get me buying 13 bottles of the stuff and absolutely no idea on how to use it pmsl. i have seen some finished projects with alcohol inks and just oooohhhed and aaahhhed. so for anyone who is interested in these little beauties get on over to allcraftz and get them cheap and also i have found a timmy vid that has heaps of info oh and timmy lol. tim holtz alcohol inks it well worth looking at. for timmy if nothing else lol.
luv ya's

Monday, September 7, 2009

omg what a quote

hi all
last night i heard one of the funniest quotes out that had me nearly peeing my pants. the wonderfully funny JUDITH LUCY (from crackerjack and fast forward) being so straight forward and just well aussie came out with this cracker about botox and collagen and madonna. it went something along these lines.
"madonna now has had so much botox that she looks like a white good. i could just go up to her face and wipe it down and shove a magnet on it".
this line is just precious and i can see myself using it time and time again lol.
love ya's

what a weekend.

hi all
gee i need to get fit. we have just had a great weekend with the scouts at oxley scout group. we have planted a heap of trees, cooked up a storm, built microbat boxes and birdhouses, did footprint plaques and art and well just had a great time. i am feeling abit old and sore today though lol. nothing feels as nice as sleeping in your own bed with your own pillows and blankies.
luv ya's

Friday, September 4, 2009


hi all
ok i think i have died and gone to heaven. miss marcy has corrupted me again and sent me a link to one of the most beautiful scrapping sites i have ever seen. the stuff in this shop is just gorgeous and if you are like me and like a bit of variety then you must go and have a look. it is out of this world. ok now i have bragged heaps here is the link. oh and you might reckonise the names of the owners too. WEDNESDAY WISHES. oh i am so saving up to buy some goodies from here. i know already what i want. damm you marcy you are going to send me bankrupt lol.
luv ya's

Thursday, September 3, 2009

atcs times 3

hi all
yep i have made a few more and thought i would share them with you.

africa is the theme sharon picked for this swap. i had trouble with this one. i do like the finished result though.

joy picked the testing theme of twilight. i could have done fangs and necklines but i thought i would try something different. i used my brayer to run over the top of everything once i had spread it with red glimmer mist. the eyes of edward have kindy glitz on them to make him pop out a bit more.

this one is all mine. i came up with the theme of brights and butterflies. i loved the image i found and i went over it with embossing ink pens and then clear embossing powder. i then used some kindy glitz and some di magic to give a bit more gloss and i found that the kindy glitz spread through the di magic so the whole butterfly shimmers at different angles.

luv ya's


hi all
well i spose i have you all scratching your heads with my opening title but there is a funny little story that i thought you might all enjoy.
after being pestered for the last couple of days to make biscuits by thomas (age 3) i decided well there is no time like the present. so we got all the ingredients out. it asked for melted butter so i grabbed the butter in the small container and popped into the microwave. melted really nicely i thought. i threw it in the mix and it went all gluey and cluggy and i couldnt work out what was wrong. after closer inspection i realised that one of the kids had put cheese in the butter container. now i have picked most of the cheese out of the mix well as much as i could and have cooked the biscuits anyway lol. i must admit for rainbow chocolate biscuits with cheese they are really yummo. thomas approves and i spose that is that lol. now i beleive there is a moral to every story every told and todays moral is
luv ya's

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

help needed

hi all
well i am in a bit of a rutt. i have been inspired lately by all these wonderful blogs i visit and i would love to change the banner on top of my blog to some pics i have. does anyone have the know how to do this? i would just like to update and change things.
love ya's

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

photo shoot

hi all
i have dusted off my camera and gone for a play. i so have to do a course and learn how to use it properly. i did mess around with the settings yesterday and i had a ball. there is so much to take pictures of around this house. i can see many more photos being taken over the next few months as spring is in the air. i had to laugh as even my chooks posed for me pmsl. anyway i hope you enjoy looking through some shots.
just one of the beautiful blooms that are out.
my beautiful boy george (named by mr ashley).

a lonely little daffy in the jonquil patch.

i love the yellow trumpets on these white jonquils. so pretty and dainty unlike me trying to get up off the ground.

white blossom wonderland. i couldnt capture the way the sun glowed throught the white blossoms like a wanted too. but i still like this picture.gori am so lucky to have an orchard up the side of my house. this beautiful bloom in on one of the fruit trees. the bees were being very busy and the hum was just delightfully peaceful as i tip toed around and took shots.
just lioning around pmsl. this little fellow is one of two that sit out either side of my front path and guard us. i have no idea where they came from but i do love them.

this old gate is hidden in a corner of the garden. i love the rust and the scroll work on it. there is a yellow bush near it so when the two can be seen together it is really special. i might have to try and scrap something in yellow and browns.
the spectacular orange of these clivias meant i had to take a pic. ray has popped a peice of very weathered fence post behind them and it just makes them pop out so much more. arent they just so cheery and bright.

this has to be one of my favourite flowers of all time. the bird of paradise is a strikingly beautiful flower. the colours are second to none and they seem like such a strong proud flower with the way the hold thier heads up.

ray loves going to the buy back centre at the tip here in town. he finds all sorts of things and this is just one of them. this charming little lad is on top of a fountain ray just had to have. the thing doesnt work but hey who cares. it looks so cute in my garden.

well i hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures and i hope to share a lot more in the near future.

love ya's