Tuesday, August 25, 2009


hi all

well i normall dont have a big whinge on here but today i just have to vent or my head is going to explode and unlike one of the aliens on MIB mine wont grow back.

WTF is wrong with men, well my man. i could just boot his butt so hard at the moment his nose would bleed. yes i have been away from the house for a weekend but hey i think i deserve that time away. from the time i have set foot in this house i have copped crap about how much he had to clean this house up to get it in order. what a load of shit. i had this house clean before i left and though it wasnt perfect it sure as hell wasnt bad. i have been told that i need to learn to pick up an cleaning impliment and actually use it. my god this man does not know when to shut his mouth. every chance he gets he is telling me how bad the house is. maybe if he picked his shit up it wouldnt be so bloody cluttered and i would have some room to put things. oh and how about putting your clothes away that are sitting on top of your drawers instead of piling them up and letting them fall on the floor where they just get picked up and i wash them again. oh and what about picking your dirty clothes up and taking them to the laundry. oh F(&* it. one more comment though and guys watch the skies as there will be fireworks. you thought there were lots at closing ceremony of the olympics well if i get started i guarentee a better show lol. anyway i have vented and i am off and you guess it i have house work to do.
luv ya's


kchambo said...

Pet, I said love, I said pet. I'm sorry that your DH has felt like this. (I'm also sure he's sorry he did) It sucks to come home from a lovely weekend away ( and they don't happen all that often) to a shitfight. Similar has happened to us all, but don't it suck?
Would you be so kind to put the pics you took onto a disc for tomorrow night? I would be eternally grateful. Great pic of you and Ngai BTW!!! LOL Love you more than cake......but not as much as cheese.
K xx


Ah burn them all at the stake and lets all become lesbians then we'll all have half the housework!!!! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Rofl Marnie! You let him have it. I see he did deserve his 8 hour walk then!! Maybe that'll teach him to step out of line :)
But seriously I hope all is better now!! We love you, men are dicks!!