Sunday, August 30, 2009


hi all
well i am certainly grinning from ear to ear. i have just won a game over at THERE SHE GOES. not sure of prizes or anything but hey who cares. i had fun and i actually managed to answer things correctly pmsl.
anyhow i have 2 more atcs to share with you. are you sick of me yet pmsl. i spose if you dont want to look then DONT pmsl.
joy picked the theme of bathing beauties and i just had to have this gorgeous gal. i love the boots. i have put di magic on the black of her dress and hair and on her boots to make them stand out a bit more.
i think this one is one of robyn's picks. the theme was black and white and i found this lady just begging to be used. i have cheated though and added some kindy glitz to the black on her hat. in the right light is shines beautifully. then to give some depth i added di magic to the white sections of the hat. it feels really cool. lol.
love ya's


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Oooooh I love all these ATCs, fab fab fab, what a great job you've done!! I love how people can do the same theme but come up with something completely different, your ATC's are booootiful! :)