Saturday, August 29, 2009

what have i done

hi all
well i have 2 what have i done moments to talk about today. it must be my day for inflicting pain onto myself lol.
what have i done moment 1 - i sent ray off this morning to go on a 6 hours 8km walk with 20 cub scouts. not so bad you reckon? well take into account that today it is cold windy and raining and you might be able to see my dilema lol. ray is not going to be a happy little camper/walker when he gets home. i am trying to clean the house and get things organised so when he gets home he can have a hot shower and a quiet sit down lol.
what have i done moment 2 - i have put my name down to do some atc swaps. not a big deal i hear you say? well not really a big deal but i didnt just do one atc swap or just two i did 4 yes you heard me right i put my name down for 4 atc swaps. each one of them requires 5/6 atcs be made. omg i am nuts. why do i do this to myself? i am pleading temporary insanity. i know i will enjoy making them so really i shouldnt complain should i. i really need to learn to say no and just to stop and think before i say ok no probs lol. well i am off as i dont have time to sit and type i have house work and atcs to do. look after yourselves and learn by my mistakes pmsl.

luv ya's

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