Sunday, August 23, 2009

what a great weekend

hi all
my weekend just flew by so quickly that my head is spinning. i dont know where to start telling you all about it. well i spose i can start with the great surprise that kelly turned up and surprised us all. it was lovely to see her. she so sucks though as she looks unreal. alison and i are both moving to townsville lol.

next was the arrival of sherie and marcy. sherie is the salt of the earth. just such a calming soul. she is also a bad influence and i had way too much fun and alcohol while in her pressence pmsl. marcy is just well an inspiration. her art is unreal and my head hurts just trying to comprehend how she comes up with ideas.

deb godley ran the best retreat. it was just an absolutely enjoyable weekend. there were goodies galore for prizes and i actually won a lucky door prize woo hoo. deb also is a gem and made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

Ngaire and Jill were legends to say the least. these two women had me in stitches from the first 5 secs i met them. the classes they ran were just jammed packed with ideas and techniques and to top it off they both had gone to so much trouble to make sure we all got extra products in our packs. nothing was too much trouble for them. they went out of their way to explain things and help. i am truly inspired by them both. i have some pics to show too. just dont look at the fifty chins i seem to have developed pmsl.

i spent more time chatting on the weekend then scrapping but all up it was a blast and i cant wait for the next years.

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jillgg said...

Hey gorgeous girl! Marnie it was so awesome meeting you at the retreat! I haven't had such an incredible time for ages! Can't wait until next year's! Take care of you sweetie!