Wednesday, August 12, 2009

so inspired

hi all

well i have had the best chat on the phone to marcy (scrappychick). god she cracks me up. only a few more sleeps and i actually get to meet her in real life which will be fantastic. anyway after i got off the phone i had a sudden hit of inspiration. anyway another card is ready to go. it is the second last one to do for the verve challenge.


Bronnie T said...

Marnie you leave me for dead. Good on you for getting in and doing the challange. Hope you win.There are lots of prizes + the big one. Good luck.

kchambo said...

Perfect card, mate. I LERVE the colours. BTW, I think you should post a pic of you in your Scout leaders uniform on your blog. C'mon, just for me. Have fun and stay away from the flying fox (or go on it just for me) after a few drinks.
Love ya,
K xx