Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Realise this!

hi all
well over the course of the last few days and especially in the last few minute i have come to some realisations about life -
  • no matter how hard you try sometimes you just cant please some people.
  • it is ok to speak your mind
  • that the retreat is classed a really great one if 3 days after the event you are still extremely tired lol
  • friends will sometimes let you down. it doesnt mean they dont love you and they arent your friend but more that they are human too.
  • you dont have to put on a show to get someone to like you. if they are worthy of your friendship they will like you regardless.
  • no matter how much i yell the kids will still ignore me so i am better off saving that energy
  • things never go back into your scrap room the way you took them out
  • i really cant go a day without coffee
  • life is short scrap hard or go home

well that is it for me. i have said my peice and i am off to get the kids to school. will chat later

luv ya


Danielle said...

I'll Drink to that!


I hope i wasnt too human and I think you are an awesome person just being Marnie! XXX